Apr 7

Fhotoroom Metrics

Over the last +2 years fhotoroom has grown and changed a lot since our early start on Windows Phone 7. From getting kicked off our last hosting company before Microsoft Azure and BizSpark came to the rescue to now expanding our apps and services to WP8, Win8/RT, iPhone and soon Android.

So a question that we always get asked is how many users do you have, how many MAU, what are your metrics and how are you consistently growing. Everybody wants to try and find some sort of secret, and there is one but it is plain sight which is why it is so hard for so many ppl to figure out. Now mastering this secret and leveraging it is how some companies are able to have massive growth. But that is for another time to discuss, today I want to share with you how fhotoroom is doing.

So to the heart of the most common question ppl ask, what is our Monthly Active Users or MAU. Across all of our Apps, fhotolens, fhotostorage, fhotoroom (on WP7, WP8, iPhone and Win8), and Website:

As of July 2013 it was:

1,200,000 MAU

As of April 2014 it is:

+3,000,000 MAU

Although MAU only grew +150% user engagement metric which is likes, follows, comments etc. grew by more than 1600%.

Photos Processed with Fhotoroom as of April 2014:

Daily PP 150,000 - 200,000

Monthly 4,250,000 - 4,750,000

App Downloads of April:

WP +4,000,000

Win8/RT +1,000,000

So that is it, over the next 6-12 months a lot of attention will be given to iOS and Android considering that more than +90% of these metrics come from WP and Win8/RT, we hope to see these numbers grow significantly.

Thank you everyone for the time and support, we would not have seen this level of growth or even existed without the support of a lot amazing people at Azure, BizSpark, Nokia and many others.

Thomas Lock