Fhotoroom HDR v4.0.0 for Win7/8 Now Available

Fhotoroom HDR v4.0.0 for Win7/8 is now officially available. This update brings many of the popular features found in our mobile apps to the desktop. This update was extremely large with over +100 new features and functions.
v3.0.12 which was just released only 10 days ago will still be available for registered users only, as it will be the last version of Fhotoroom HDR that has the free 8bit editor. The reason from this departer from the free 8bit editor is that we are committed to giving the best user photo editing capabilities in Fhotoroom HDR, not only HDR but also with Film photography and to do that we want to make sure we offer the best from your phone to your desktop.

 One more thing, our new features also share a lot of secrets on how to achieve many of the results we get after extensive research into specific film photography styles.

Feature List  
- +100 New Functions  
- Minor UI Updates  
- Completely rewrote Color Correction Filter  
- Completely rewrote Exposure Filter  
- Updated TiltShift Filter  
- New Border Filter  
- New Square Filter  
- Updated Classic Vogue Filter  
- Updated Vignette Filter  
- Added New Presets to Exposure and Correction Filters (Musk, Vibe, LowDef, Tinge, etc…)  
- Updated HDR Tone Mapping Operator for better quality and more reliable final output.  
- HDR Tone Mapping is now upto 75% faster.   -
Dozens of Minor Bug Fixes  
- Explore and find the many other great features we have added.

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